Monthly Archives: November 2022

BoydES Family Weekly, 1.18

Happy Thanksgiving (and Break)!   We are so thankful for our BES family and wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving! No school this next week, we will see you back on Monday, November 28th. Please don’t forget to check out our weekly newsletter, here.  We know that there is a lot […]

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BoydES Family Weekly, 1.17

Brrrr, and Happy Friday!   Next week is going to be very busy, please make sure that you are checking our weekly newsletter in order to stay up to date! It’s going to be cold next week, please do not forget to send a jacket (with a name!) inside. Hope […]

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BoydES Family, 1.16

Happy Friday, BES Family!   Can you believe that we have hit the end of the 2nd Six Weeks?  Time flies when great things are happening! We hope that you have enjoyed your Friday off, our staff spent time continuing professional learning and collaborating with one another. Busy time ahead […]

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