Boyd/Goldstar Transportation

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The Team

BOYD Transportation Daily Bus Changes

Note from Guardian explaining and requesting a change for the day in transportation. Will be delivered to Transportation Management and Campus office staff.


Sign up for your accounts to receive bus information. The bus routes account numbers are listed below.

Boydisd Bus 1 @bus1boyd
Boydisd Bus 2 @bus2boyd
Boydisd Bus 4 @bus4boyd
Boydisd Bus 5 @bus5boyd
Boydisd Bus 6 @bus6boyd
Boydisd Bus 7 @bus7boyd
Boydisd Bus 9 @bus9boyd
Boydisd Bus 10 @bus10boyd
Boydisd Bus 14 @boyd14-16
Boydisd Bus 15 @boyd14-16
Boydisd Bus 16 @boyd14-16

Sharon Nelson

General Manager

940-433-2327 EXT 5200

Brenda Riley

Asst Site Manager

940-433-2327 Ext 3050